Invitation: Join Conversations of this Blog on Clubhouse

Hosting and sharing conversations about a very new globalism over the next week.

I'm continuing to experiment with Clubhouse as a way to bring interesting, civil, and in-depth conversation to the new globalism that has risen around us. I thought I'd put three interesting ones on your radar that you can easily put on your calendar where of interest. Please join the conversation also with your unique insight.

Tomorrow, Thursday March 25th at 8:00 pm East Coast, I will join the remarkable travel entrepreneur and founder Mei Zhang of Wild China with the legendary Chinese venture capitalist, Kaifu Lee. We will discuss his best selling book AI Superpowers and all that has changed in the two years since its publication - in China, the US, innovation and the world.

Talk Al with Kai-Fu Lee

Friday, March 26 at 1:00 East Coast, I'll join the great leader in emerging market tech advice and support, Mark Heynen founder of Next Billion Advisors and a host of global rising star entrepreneurs from around the world discussing how the best learn from failure and scale to success across rising markets.

Learning from Failure to Get to Success in Emerging Markets

Tuesday, March 30th at 9:00 PM East Coast, I'm hosting the great builder of Brazil property tech Viva Real, Brian Requarth. We will be joined by other leading entrepreneurs from Latin America and discuss his new must-read best seller: Viva The Entrepreneur in Latin America.

Viva the Entrepreneur: Building Scale in Latin America

Stay tuned as I and my partners at Next Billion Ventures will launch a series following with just amazing expertise and discussion.